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The "Rucher des framboisiers" is an organic family business that work with 1000 hives, We operate a boutique that give information to the public; we have an observation hive, a window to the extraction room - where one can see the extracting of honey in season., the preparation of the honey for the store (labelling, filling of jars,,,,), candle production, Informative posters tell you about the biology of the bee, the wax, honey, flowers, And the staff can answer your questions.

In the boutique, open year round, one have access to our products: 10 different floral honey, 4 varieties of honey wine produced on the apiary, pollen, candles and wax figurines, Of course, you can taste the varietal honey and the wines, One of the farm's mead (honey wine) received the silver medal at the wine competition "Coupe des nations 2001".



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Le petit Jardin de l'abeille